Isle of Wight + Goodbye Samanta

The beginning of January has gone by so fast, just like the past months. My time here is ending, and i’m trying to make the best of my last weeks.

Last saturday Samanta and I went to the Isle of Wight, an Island which is actually quite near to where I live. I had to get up at about half past six and went to Poole to meet with Sam. After having coffee we went to the train station and got on the train to Lymington, from where we took the ferry to Yarmouth, a little town on the isle. The weather was horrible! It rained most of the time and we got really wet, but we still enjoyed it. First we got the bus to Freshwater, from where we walked about 20 minutes to Freshwater bay.

After that we went back and took the bus to Alum Bay, from where we could see the “Needles”, a row of three rocks that rise out of the see – it looked really impressive.

After going back to Yarmouth we looked arount the town a bit, but there was nothing really exciting and we didn’t have any time left anyway, so we took the ferry back to Lymington.

On Sunday, Samanta, Kiki (a new exchange student from Germany) and I met for breakfast. We went to Wetherspoons and I had my first traditional English breakfast. To be hones, I really liked it!

And guess what: although I never believed this would actually happen, it snowed yesterday! When I woke up and looked out of the window, I couldn’t belive it:) and i immediately took a photo of it:P There were only a few centimetres of snow, but England doesn’t seem to be very good at dealing with snow, so school was closed, yay!

But it was Samanta’s last day and we had to meet up, so we went to Starbucks. It was really weird, thinking about the fact that I won’t see her in a long time…it was just sad, we all gave her goodbye-cards or -letters and almost everyone had to cry (including me..).

And now my days are getting less and less, and soon I will go back to Austria…






Freshwater Bay



Freshwater Bay



Me at Freshwater Bay


The Needles




Yarmouth Harbour





Lymington Harbour





Snow 😀



Goodbye Sam 😦


Back to school

Hi everybody 🙂

my holidays were actually quite nice, though i was ill for two days, on which i fairly left my bed. there wasn’t really anything exciting happening, i just met up with katie and samanta (and her boyfriend, who came to visit from switzerland) a few times. 

new year’s eve was spent at home with my host family, which was still funny. 

today was the first day of school and i was so tired – what a surprise. but it was nice to see all of my friends again:)

the time i got left here is getting less and less, it’s not even four weeks anymore. and i am getting more and more exciting…on the other hand i don’t wanna leave my life here behind…it’s such a weird feeling, you can’t really describe it.

well, enough for today, hope you’re all fine!



merry christmas!

it’s christmas, finally!
friday was the last day of the term and it was also taylor’s last day ever. after exchanging christmas cards at school we went to starbucks, and it was so sad to know it’d be the last time with her. saying goodbye felt weird, i couldn’t realise it…

you know what else felt weird? not celebrating on christmas eve. we went to the cinema in the afternoon and watched “rise of the guardians”, at home “a christmas carol” (the disney version) was on, so we got ourselves a little into a christmasy mood. 

today it’s christmas day and it was really nice. my host family got me some lovely presents, and Ron & Marion (my hostdad’s parents) came over at lunchtime and stayed until the evening. we had turkey, typical british 😉

so i hope you had a good christmas too!


another week is over, and it was a really good one. i’ll just start last thursday, mostly because nothing too exciting happened the days before that.

so, on thursday evening i had to sing at the christmas concert of our school with marlene and michaela. we were really unsure about it at first, because we’re not that good, but in the end it turned out fine. moreover we were the only sixth form students there and even though we were only 3 it didn’t sound too bad.

sooo, let’s talk about friday. it was the day of katie’s christmas party and it was absolutely awesome! seriously, i think i’ve never had that much fun since i’m here. we went to bed at about 3. on saturday i went to london, so i unfortunately had to get up at about half eight to catch my train.

i met with jose, chelsey, vanessa, dustin, carolin and nina at king’s cross and we went to the “winter wonderland” in hyde park. the mood wasn’t really christmasy, there were too many people and it was raining, but it was really funny that there was so much german stuff. “glühwein” and “bratwurst” around every corner! 😀 there even was a “tiroler käs’ und speckstandl”.

afterwards we went to camden market and when it got too cold vanessa, jose and i just sat into a cafe and talked about everything.

when i came home i was so exhausted, i even spent (almost) the entire sunday in bed.

on monday i went to katie’s after school and guess what: she dyed my hair! it’s really dark now, almost black. i actually wanted to keep it a secret, but i guess not many people read m y blog anyway, so who cares.

yesterday we sang again – this time at the year 8’s carol service in st mary’s church. i actually was more nervous than at the concert, since there were more people who knew me.

and now there are only 2 more days of school left until we finally have holidays. the sad part: my american friend taylor is leaving on sunday….somehow time passes very quickly.

enough for today!!



4c forever2


Alex, me, Lucy, Katie, Luke & Joel at Katie’s Party



Me & Alex


Joel, Lucy, Katie, Sam, Taylor & Cameron


Lucy & Me



Samanta & me



Me, Samanta & Taylor



at the christmas market in London:)


“Tiroler Käs und Speckstandl” in London



Camden Market




aaaand more photos, this time of my trip to Cambridge last sunday!







It’s sunday today, and I did nothing all day. My last weekend was much more excitiing though.

Enjoy my photos of the wonderful Sandbanks Beach (:


sunset at the beach (:


me at the beach (:


sandbanks harbour



Samanta & me